Rare Breed Goats at Odds Farm Park

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The rarest breed of goat at Odds farm Park for children on days out to see are Bagot goats. With between 101 and 200 breeding nannies left, the Bagot Goat is classed as Endangered by […]

Tea Room Winter Warmers

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At childrens farm Odds Farm Park families on a day out have plenty of hot winter warmer choices in the Tea Room. From hot Panini sandwiches and various jacket potatoes to a wide selection of […]

Adorable Guinea Pigs Twins Born

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Children on a family day out on Saturday the 16 January were the first to meet two new baby smooth haired Guinea Pigs born within Odds Farm Park’s childrens farm that same day. Parents, Moose […]

Cute Piglets Born

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Visitors on a day out at childrens farm Odds Farm Park were in for a special treat on Saturday 16 January. Thistle, our Tamworth sow, gave birth to eight cute piglets at kids farm Odds […]

Pure Bred Tamworth Piglets Born

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On Tuesday 5 January, Tamworth sow Tobassco gave birth to her first litter of cute piglets at childrens farm Odds Farm Park. The new family is already on show for those on a day out […]


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