Highland Cows at Odds Farm Park
Highland Cows at Odds Farm Park

A Highland heifer calf, named Toto, has just been born at Odds Farm Park and she joins mum and grandmother to create a 3rd generation family at Odds Farm Park.


Literally days old, Toto is very cute at just 60 centimetres high and currently weighs just 50 kilograms (a tenth of her final adult weight). Toto is the first calf for devoted mum Nutmeg, who was also born at Odds Farm Park in August 2005, as was Toto’s grandmother Kinkerbell, who was born in September 2002.


Said Clare Middleton, Livestock Manager, who looks after this small Highland herd at Odds Farm Park

 “Highland cows are highly regarded as devoted mothers and this is definitely the case with Nutmeg. Whilst Toto is still a bit wobbly on her feet, the pair are constantly together. Also grandmother Kinkerbell is never too far away to add moral support and the occasional nuzzle”


Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed of cattle, with a Herd Book being published in 1885. Originating from the harsh Scottish Highlands, they are known for their hardiness and vigor.


Elsewhere at Odds Farm Park, there’s hundreds more furry friends to meet, pat and pet. Combined with the Indoor Playbarn, the Tractor & Trailer rides, the Adventure Maze and loads of daily ‘Hands-on’ Animal Demonstrations, Odds Farm Park guarantees fun for all types of weather.