Bagot Goat Herd Grows

Bagot Goat at Odds Farm
Bagot Goat at Odds Farm

Four of the female Bagot Goat kids born this spring have now permanently joined the Odds Farm Park herd enabling them to call this childrens farm officially home.

Odds Farm Park has the second largest Bagot Goat herd in Britain and, with their black and white distinctive markings, children can easily spot the breed on their family day out.

With less than 200 breeding Bagot Goats left, they are as rare as an Orangutan or Sumatran Tiger and are classified as ‘Endangered’ by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. They are the rarest animal at this children’s farm to see on a day out with the kids. Currently outside enjoying the sunshine and paddocks, the Bagot Goats will be brought inside during the winter months ensuring all year round fun for kids on days out.

Providing great family days out, Odds Farm Park can be easily reached from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, North London and West London. To arrange a day out with the kids, visit the family days out website