Adorable Guinea Pigs Twins Born

Guinea Pigs at Odds Farm Park
Guinea Pigs at Odds Farm Park

Children on a family day out on Saturday the 16 January were the first to meet two new baby smooth haired Guinea Pigs born within Odds Farm Park’s childrens farm that same day.

Parents, Moose (mum) and Parsley (dad) permanently live at this kids farm and both have had babies before. Children on an day out can see the twins in the Guinea Pig Village near the entrance of the Gift Shop. Guinea Pigs are born with hair and develop quickly. Their stomachs can start to eat adult food within a few days. Whilst Moose only had two babies on this occasion, an average Guinea Pig litter is 3 to 4 babies.

Alongside many cute baby animals at this kids farm, there’s also so much all weather fun. With daily animal demonstrations and undercover animal activities, an Indoor Playbarn with Astra Slide, Bale Climb, Ride-on Toys and Soft Play, as well as all the cute Furry Friends inside the large new Animal Barns, you are spoilt for choice.

Childrens farm Odds Farm Park is an ideal family day out and is easily reached from Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North London, West London, London and Buckinghamshire. For more information, prices and directions visit the day out website