Cute Saddleback/Tamworth Piglets Born At Odds Farm Park

Cute Piglet at Odds Farm
Cute Piglet at Odds Farm

The Odds Farm Park staff were pleasantly surprised on Monday morning (16 November) when they found Saddleback pig Snoopy had just given birth to a healthy litter of cute piglets at this kids farm.

For mum Snoopy, this was her 3rd and for dad Tucker the Tamworth boar this was his second litter of adorable piglets for children to see on a day out. Extremely cute, the piglets have got some of the distinctive Saddleback markings, combined with some Tamworth features. The new arrivals can currently be seen in the pig sty near the Tea Room entrance.

Children on a day out at Odds Farm Park can also get really close to fully grown pigs in the daily children’s activity, Piggies Tea Time, where children can help the farmer feed the pigs.

Odds Farm Park is a childrens farm, easily reached from North London, West London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. For more information to plan a day out, visitors should visit