So adorable! Meet one of Odds Farm Park’s newest arrivals, gorgeous Herbie! Born recently to proud mum, Acacia, Herbie is a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey.

Visitors will be interested to learn that Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys originate from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Much smaller than normal Donkeys, Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys grow to maximum height of 36 inches (at the age of 3 years) but most are under this height, at between 30 inches and 34 inches tall. The most common colour of a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey is grey dun with chocolate highlights. Other colours include brown, black, slate grey, sorrel, spotted, piebald, skewbald and cream.

Herbie isn’t the only new arrival to the farm in recent weeks. With the birth of two adorable Shetland Foals, cheeky Kid goats and greedy piglets, it’s been somewhat of a baby boom at the farm! Visitors will be pleased to learn they can seeĀ all the new residentsĀ in the Animal Paddocks or Undercover Animal Barns. Click Here to Learn More