Last Of The Summer Bagot Goats Born

Bagot Goat Family at Odds Farm Park
Bagot Goat Family at Odds Farm Park

Odds Farm Park have just had the last of their cute Bagot Goat kids born and those on a day out with the kids at this Childrens Farm can now see this new happy family out playing in the fields with their friends.

Bagot Goats are the rarest animals at this Kids Farm for children to meet on family days out. In the UK, Odds Farm Park has the 2nd largest registered herd and overall there are less than 200 breeding females left.

Elsewhere at the farm, children can hand feed Odds Farm Park’s slightly older baby goats, who are just as greedy and cheeky as their mums! Next time you visit on family days out, see if you can spot the 7 different goat breeds throughout the farm.

Providing a great family day out, Odds Farm Park can be easily reached from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, North London and West London. To arrange a day out with the kids, visit their family days out website