Goat Kids Go To New Homes

Goat at Odds Farm
Goat at Odds Farm

It is now time for some of the children’s farms new goat kids (that have been entertaining children on days out this Summer) to go as pets to their new loving homes.

This year, Odds Farm Park had over 60 goat kids born across all their breeds and, like every year, a few have been sold to customers following a day out with the kids and the remainder will go to small holdings elsewhere in the country.

If you are considering getting a goat as a family pet, firstly you must obtain an Agricultural Holding Number from the Rural Payments Agency [www.rpa.gov.uk 0845 603 7777 open Mon-Fri 8.30-5 and 9-5 Sat/Sun] which can take up to 3 weeks. The Odds Farm Park team always recommend visitors to do their research first through the internet, Defra’s Animal Health & Welfare Dept [www.defra.gov.uk] and breed societies as well as speaking to their local vet. Whilst making very cute, loving pets, goats are also extremely curious, adventurous and will sometimes eat everything in their path.

Families on days out at Odds Farm Park can see 7 different breeds of goats including the rare Bagot Goats, Anglo Nubian Goats, British Alpine Goats, English Goats, Golden Guernsey Goats, Pygmy Goats and Toggenburg Goats.

Odds Farm Park is an award winning childrens farm, providing an ideal family day out for those in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North London, West London and Buckinghamshire. To visit the farm park days out website, visit www.oddsfarm.co.uk.