Highland Cows Back From Their Holiday

Highland Cow at Odds Farm
Highland Cow at Odds Farm

Odds Farm Park’s Highland Cows, Kinkerbell and Nutmeg, have just returned to the childrens farm from their holiday and are loving the attention from visitors on a day out with the kids.

The mother and daughter duo have been away for a 7 week stay at a farm near Reading and, whilst sad their holiday has ended, they are very pleased to be back home with their other Odds Farm Park friends.

Highland Cows have been at this childrens farm ever since they opened 16 years ago and are always popular on family days out. With their thick shaggy coat of rich ginger hair and majestic sweeping horns, they are adorable and one not to miss at this childrens farm.

The breed was developed in Western Scotland to be extremely hardy. Whilst written records date back to the 18th Century, it is thought the breed existed much earlier than this. Other cow breeds to see on family days out at Odds Farm Park are the Belted Galloway Cows, the British White Cows and Jersey Cows.

Odds Farm Park provides a fantastic family day out and is easily reached from Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North London and West London. For more information to arrange a day out with the kids, visit the family days out website, www.oddsfarm.co.uk.