Say Hello To Floss

Visitors to children’s farm, Odds Farm Park will be delighted to meet new arrival Floss!  Born to mum Africa, Floss is one of a set of triplets and has two brothers – Fred and Frank.  Visitors will be interested to learn that she is the first female Golden Guernsey kid to be born at the farm this year and will be joining the Odds Farm Park Golden Guernsey herd.

With between 501-1,000 breeding nannies registered in the UK, the Golden Guernsey Goat is classed as a Minority Breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust and so Odds Farm Park are hoping that one day, Floss will have kid goats of her own!

Children on a day out at Odds Farm Park will recognise a Golden Guernsey goat by its golden colour, with shades ranging from pale blond to deep bronze. They are smaller and more fine-boned than other British milking goats, and there is great variety in coat length. Being so friendly, children will love meeting them. Golden Guernsey Goats are also very quiet, docile and friendly goats for children to meet on a day out.

The exact origin of the Golden Guernsey is uncertain, though it is believed that they have French, Syrian and Maltese ancestry. They arrived in the UK in 1965 from Guernsey and the first reference to them on The Channel Islands is from an 1826 tourism guide book.

Elsewhere at Odds Farm Park, people on a day out can expect to meet plenty more furry friends in the large Undercover Animal Barns.  Combined with a jam-packed Animal Activity and Demonstration Programme, there’s so much to do!

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Fingers Crossed For Spring Kid Goats At Odds Farm Park

Pygmy Billy Goat Rufus At Odds Farm Park
Pygmy Billy Goat Rufus At Odds Farm Park

It’s very exciting at children’s farm Odds Farm Park because, as well as preparing for Spring lambing, the staff have put the billy goats in with the nanny goats in the hope of having even more new arrivals next year.

Cute Pygmy billy goat Rufus has joined his nannies in the Undercover Animal Barns and extremely handsome Anglo Nubian billy goat Barnaby has joined his nannies in the Paddocks.  Both can be seen by visitors on a day out.

Pygmy goats originated in the Cameroon Valley of West Africa. They were imported into the United States from European zoos in the 1950s for use in zoos as well as research animals. They were eventually acquired by private breeders and quickly gained popularity as pets and exhibition animals due to their good-natured personalities, friendliness and hardy constitution.

Anglo Nubian Billy Goat Barnaby At Odds Farm Park
Anglo Nubian Billy Goat Barnaby At Odds Farm Park

The Anglo Nubian goat was created in the UK at the end of the Nineteenth Century.  The breed was developed by crossing goats in England with those arriving on Ocean Liners from the East.  Anglo Nubian goats are renowned for creating the best tasting and highest quality goat’s milk.

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