Rare Breed Goats at Odds Farm Park

Bagot Goat at Odsd Farm Park
Bagot Goat at Odsd Farm Park

The rarest breed of goat at Odds farm Park for children on days out to see are Bagot goats. With between 101 and 200 breeding nannies left, the Bagot Goat is classed as Endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. And in fact, at Odds Farm Park’s kids farm families on days out will find the second largest registered herd in the country.

At this childrens farm, Bagot Goats are all part of an active breeding program and every year, Odds Farm Park actively pairs males and females to ensure their kids have healthy blood lines. Children on a day out can identify the Bagot Goat within the Kids farm by their striking appearance. Long haired, their heads and fore-quarters are black and the rest of them is white. In addition, they have curved horns that sweep backwards in a twist. They shouldn’t be missed on a day out with the kids.

In addition to goats, days out for children also include numerous rabbits, cows, donkeys, pigs, sheep, ponies and chickens. It’s a farmyard full of fun! And no visit is complete without a play in the Indoor Playbarn with the Bale Climb, Astra Slide and Ride-on Toys.

Award winning days out at Odds Farm Park are ideal for all the family and is easily reached from Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North London, West London, London and Buckinghamshire. To visit the day out website, visit www.oddsfarm.co.uk