Preparations For Spring Lambing Underway At Odds Farm Park

Russell The Jacob Ram At Odds Farm Park
Russell The Jacob Ram At Odds Farm Park

Preparations are well underway for spring lambing at children’s farm, Odds Farm Park!  Russell, a very handsome Jacob ram, has recently been sharing a pen with the Jacob ewes in the Undercover Animal Barns. 

Visitors on a day out will be able to recognise Russell by his curly horns and beautiful black and white coat.  However, Russell is not the only ram to have gone in with the ewes – one of the farm’s Whitefaced Woodland rams has been in too! 

Ewes are pregnant for five months and so visitors to the family day out favourite can look forward to meeting plenty of cute new arrivals in the Spring.

Award winning kid’s farm Odds Farm Park provides a fantastic day out for all the family and is easily reached from West London, London, Berkshire, North London, Buckinghamshire and Oxford. It is very close to Maidenhead, Marlow, Uxbridge and Beaconsfield. For more information, directions and prices visit the family days out website