An Unusual Pairing At Odds Farm Park

Tiny And Beatrix At Odds Farm Park
Tiny And Beatrix At Odds Farm Park

It’s a happy ending for Tiny, a British White cow from Odds Farm Park who has recently fostered Beatrix a cute and friendly Jersey calf!  To look at them, Tiny and Beatrix make a very unusual pairing but together they have settled extremely well and are very happy.

It is easy to see the difference between a British White cow and a Jersey cow.  Children on a day out can identify British White Cows by their white hair (although unusually they have black skin underneath). They can identify Jersey Cows by their light brown silky coat and beautiful dark eyes.

Tiny and Beatrix are currently in a field on their own to be seen by visitors on a day out but will soon move to the Dipple Field – where the Tractor and Trailer ride goes – with the rest of the British White herd.

Award winning kid’s farm Odds Farm Park provides a fantastic day out for all the family and is easily reached from West London, London, Berkshire, North London, Buckinghamshire and Oxford. It is very close to Maidenhead, Marlow, Uxbridge and Beaconsfield. For more information, directions and prices visit the family days out website