Important Information

Important Information

It is with a very heavy heart that following current Government guidelines we must temporarily close our doors at Odds Farm Park until further notice. We will update visitors as soon as we can with information on re-opening.

Soft Play
Whilst we are delighted to learn that the Government is changing the guidance on Soft Play, the Indoor Playbarn at Odds Farm Park will not yet be re-opening at this time.

We are continuing to review our new secure operating practices for the Indoor Playbarn and are taking the time to ensure we are able to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience possible for all of our guests.

Please do take the time to read all of the essential information below, view our Interactive Map of the Farm and read our FAQs.

Here you will find all of the essential information needed ahead of your visit, details of how to make a booking, and an explanation of the measures we have put in place to keep all of our guests and staff safe during your visit.

Things to Remember During Your Visit:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Maintain social distancing between yourselves, other guests and staff where possible.
  • Where possible, pay by card. Guests can use our website and new App to place Click and Collect food orders.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue, or your elbow. Dispose of any tissues and litter directly into the bins provided.
  • Do not visit, or stay at the farm should you, or any of your party, feel unwell or have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

What to Expect

ALL visiting guests must pre-book their admission to the Farm, which includes Annual Members and Under 2’s, so that visitor numbers can be controlled and managed.

Annual Members will be required to pay a fully refundable booking fee of £5.00 per booking. Please note that upon arrival and redemption of your booking at the Farm, within the booked Arrival Session, the booking fee will be refunded. This will take effect from Monday 20th July. Should you fail to show, nor contact us to cancel, we will retain the booking fee.

We have now moved to an online advanced ticket booking system. This in turn will allow us to control capacity and manage our guest numbers on any given day. This is in turn will ensure that social distancing requirements can be maintained, and will also allow guests to make a completely contactless visit to Odds Farm Park.

Guests may book an arrival time of their choice, and stay at the Farm as long as they wish.

These arrival time sessions last for 30 minutes each, and you can arrive at any time during that session. For example, if you have booked the 10:00am session, you are welcome to arrive at any time between 10:00am and 10:29am, and then remain at the Farm until close at 5:30pm.

ALL visiting guests must pre-book their admission to the Farm, which includes Annual Members and Under 2’s, so that visitor numbers can be controlled and managed.

For the safety of all visitors, it is essential that Guests and Annual Members arrive only during their 30 minute booked time session.

Social distancing markers will be in place to support social distancing on the approach to the Entrance.

If you are running early, we kindly ask that you wait in your car until your arrival time session starts.
If you are running late, we kindly ask that you remain in your car and call the Farm directly, where we will endeavour to reschedule you for an alternative session that day. Please note that if all other sessions are fully-booked, you may be asked to return on another day.

Once you have selected your chosen date and time, and completed any payments, you will be emailed an Order Confirmation for your group. Simply arrive during your allocated time with your whole group and present your Order Confirmation, either as a print out or on a device at the Admission Entrance to the Farm.

It is essential that guests arrive only during their booked time session, in order for us to ensure queues are kept to a minimum and that the number of guests entering the Farm at any one time can be carefully managed.

Annual Members will be required to pay a fully refundable booking fee of £5.00 per booking. Please note that upon arrival and redemption of your booking at the Farm, within the booked Arrival Session, the booking fee will be refunded. This will take effect from Monday 20th July. Should you fail to show, nor contact us to cancel, we will retain the booking fee.

Valid Membership Cards must be presented for each Annual Membership holder along with the Order Confirmation upon arrival at the Farm. The confirmation will be scanned by a member of staff behind a Perspex screen, who will welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

Upon Arrival

Prior to arrival at the Admissions Entrance, you can choose to either use our traditional entrance path, or our Alternative Woodland Path. Upon approaching the Entrance, social distancing markers will be in place to support social distancing.

Upon arrival, all members of your group will be asked to take and wear a silicone wrist band, for the duration of your visit. We then ask at the end of your visit to deposit all wrist bands into the collection box ready to be sanitised. This will further help us to control and manage visitor numbers.

We respectfully ask that guests will assess for themselves whether they and all members of their family group are in good health and not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. If guests are vulnerable or have any underlying health conditions, we also kindly ask that you make a responsible decision for yourself and others around you, when deciding to visit.

1. Wash your hands prior to setting off for your journey at home, and repeat upon arrival at Odds Farm Park.
Guests should be reminded the most effective protection against the spread of COVID-19, and other germs, is through thorough hand washing with soap and warm water, for at least 20 seconds. Hand Sanitisers do not kill all germs, and the use of them should never replace handwashing.

2. Ensure to bring with you any personal protection you may require to feel safe and confident during your visit to Odds Farm.
For example, Hand Sanitiser, Anti-bacterial wipes, and facial coverings, that you may require

3. Plan ahead for any meals you would like to enjoy whilst at the Farm.
Marmalade’s Tearoom will be closed for indoor dining, however food will still be available to purchase for outdoor consumption. Orders can be placed through our website, or via our new App. Guests are most welcome to bring their own picnics with them, which can be enjoyed throughout the park at any of our socially distanced picnic tables.

4. Ensure your children are prepared for their socially distanced visit.
Please be mindful that the layout and offering at Odds Farm Park will be different to guest’s previous visit. Certain areas are unavailable to use during the first phase of our re-opening, layouts and routes will be altered, and permitted activities may operate differently. Children too will need to be mindful of ensuring social distancing at all times. Certain play items will not be available that previously were, such as footballs, and guests are encouraged to bring and use their own.

Explorers Trail!

Our fun Explorer’s Trail will be handed out on site, however if you wish to print it out and bring it along instead, please download it by clicking the button below.

In our first weeks of reopening, our main focus will be inviting guests back view all of our animals in their outdoor paddocks. There will be some changes to the facilities that will be open, especially those that are more difficult to adapt to allow social distancing.

We hope to phase these areas back in as soon as possible, once Government guidelines permit. Guests can view which areas of the Farm are available on our Interactive Map, and discover further information such as restrictions and opening times around each area of the Farm.

What Will Be Open?

All outdoor areas of the Farm will be open, including all Animal Viewing Paddocks and picnicking areas.

Marmalade’s Farm Shop will be open, with social distancing measures in place with controlled visitor volumes entering at any one time.

Tractor and Trailer Rides are a firm favourite with all the family, and will continue to take place at regular intervals throughout the day. Perspex screens have now been installed to provide protection between each group on board.

H2Odds Water play has now re-opened. Don’t forget your swim nappies, water shoes and at this time we are unable to provide water toys for children to share, but you are welcome to bring along your own or purchase on site

The Indoor Play Barn, Marmalade’s Tea Room and the Coffee Bar will be unavailable for play and indoor dining, however food and beverage orders can be made with a selection of food and beverage items available through our website and new App.

Food and beverage orders can be made through our website and new App. The Airstream and Ice Cream & Milkshake Parlour will also be available with a reduced offering, on a contactless basis.

Both Marquees will be available for all-weather picnicking.

We kindly ask guests to assist us in ensuring the Farm is kept tidy, and dispose of any rubbish and food waste as soon as possible directly into the bins provided.

The areas that are currently closed to all guests include: the Demonstration area within the Animal Barn, the Indoor Play Barn, the indoor seating within the Tea Room & the Adventure Maze. Animal Activities and Demonstrations will also be suspended for now in accordance with Government guidelines.  

Odds Farm Park has implemented many new measures to assist our guests to feel confident in carrying out social distancing while visiting.

Changes include:

  • Daily visitor numbers will be capped to ensure the Farm adheres to government guidelines, and to ensure guests can safely distance themselves during their visit.
  • In order to allow guests and staff to safely social distance themselves, certain areas of the Farm, which are enclosed and do not easily allow free movement, will be closed.
  • Protective Perspex screens are at all staff and guests till and interaction points, to provide further confidence to guests and staff alike. These will also be located within the Tractor and Trailer Ride, to allow each family group to distance themselves from one another safely.
  • New signage and way finding will be in place to ensure safe social distancing. Designated queuing and distancing markers are placed around the Farm, to encourage guests to adhere to necessary distances from other customers and staff. New signage will be prominent in queuing areas, at till points, within toilets and other areas where guests would naturally gather.
  • One-way systems will be implemented in certain areas. This will further assist guests in ensuring that necessary distances can be maintained between one another. One-way systems will be present within bathrooms and at Food Collection points.
  • Odds Farm Park will be a contactless site, for those that wish. Guests will be able to gain admission, make purchases, and even order and collect food and beverages, without making contact with Odds Farm Park staff. A new Odds Farm Park App is now available, which allows guests to order Food and Beverages through several of our catering outlets, more details here.

As an outdoor family farm park attraction, we have always actively encouraged regular handwashing for all guests. We ask our guests to observe good hygiene practices when they visit by washing their hands at one of the many handwashing stations upon arrival and regularly throughout their visit.

In order to further assist guests, please see the facilities listed below, on the Farm Park:

  • Five Designated Handwashing Stations are found throughout the Farm Park. Guests must ensure they regularly wash their hands with running water and soap throughout their visit.
  • New Hand Sanitising stations can be found at fourteen locations through the Farm. Handwashing with warm soapy water should always take a precedence for guests to maintain good hand hygiene when visiting Odds Farm Park, however these stations are in place to assist with good hygiene between washes.
  • Three bathroom facility blocks are available, each also with associated handwashing stations.  These are located within the Playbarn, next to the Animal Barn, and in the Dipple Field. In order to assist with social distancing, the Playbarn and Animal Barn toilets will have one-way systems in place, and a reduced number of operating toilets available. Toilet facilities available are as follows:

Playbarn Toilets: 3 Toilet cubicles, 2 Baby Changing areas, 1 Disabled Toilet

Animal Barn Toilets: 3 Toilet cubicles.

Dipple Field Toilets: 2 Toilet cubicles, 1 Baby Chancing areas, 1 Disabled Toilet.

Party Barn Toilets: 1 Disabled Toilet available upon request.

Useful Links

For further information and to see our FAQs, please find some Useful Links below.

See you soon!


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