Even More Cute Piglets Born

Tamworth Piglets at Odds Farm
Tamworth Piglets at Odds Farm

Thistle, Odds Farm Parks 2 ½ year Tamworth Sow gave birth to a cute litter of piglets on 10 August, ensuring family days out at this Children Farm is bumper packed with babies to see. This is the second litter for mum Thistle and she is proving to be an excellent mother again.


On a day out with the kids, you can see Thistle and her new family in the paddock near the Go Karts.  Dad Tucker still lives at the Childrens Farm too and like mum, dad is also a Tamworth pig, making the new arrivals 100% Tamworth piglets.

In addition to Tamworth pigs, those enjoying a family day out at Odds Farm Park can also see Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, Middle White pigs, Kune Kune pigs and Saddleback pigs.  Plus in the Hands-on Animal Activity, Eggs & Bacon, children on days out can feed the pigs their evening supper before walking across to the Hen Coop to put the chickens to bed.

Odds Farm Park provides a fantastic family day out and is easily reached from Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, North London and West London. For more information to arrange a day out with the kids, visit the family days out website, www.oddsfarm.co.uk