ODDS Special Events

As well as the usual farm fun, there are plenty of ODDS Special Events planned throughout 2019!


Lamb Watch!*

From February Half Term 2019

Lamb Watch – Over 30 ewes will be ready to lamb at Odds Farm Park from this February Half Term! Head into the Lamb Nursery to meet the new arrivals, whilst you learn all about lambing from the farmers. Be sure to keep a close watch on the Ewes for signs of labour during your visit, as you may even be lucky enough to see a lamb being born!*

Bottle Feed Kid Goats – Why not also help the farmers to Bottle Feed our goats, however make sure you hold onto the bottle tightly, as they are all very hungry! The ever-popular Bottle Feeding activity is back daily from February Half Term.*

Weekends in March 2019

Foam Clay is a fantastic mess-free, air-dry modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small beads that can coat, wrap and cover your chosen pottery design. Simply leave to air-dry for a few hours and it will harden and set to your design!

Pre-book your foam clay modelling session online for £3.50 and you can choose to make either a Dragon, Cat, Dog, Butterfly, or one of two NEW figures, our Unicorn and Frog!

Spring into Easter

Daily 6th-23rd April 2019

Join the ‘Quest for Carrots!’ – a most unusual Easter Egg & Carrot Hunt – to earn your sweet treat!

Plus, enjoy fun shows with the Oddsocks Family, in addition to Spring-themed arts, crafts and games, lambing and of course the re-opening of the H2Odds Water Play!


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