We are so excited! On 28 August, beautiful Ginnie, our Berkshire sow gave birth to an adorable litter of cheeky piglets who are settling in well to life on the farm! Both dad, Squidgey, a Tamworth boar, and mum are extremely proud.

Visitors to the farm will be interested to learn about the breeding of the new arrivals. Berkshire Pigs were discovered in Britain in the 17th Century and they are the oldest recorded pedigree pig breed in Britain.  They are categorised as “Vulnerable” by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust with between 200-300 breeding sows remaining.  Berkshire Pigs are easy to identify by children on a day out. They are all black with white ‘socks’, white tail and a white mark on the face.

Tamworth pigs are also categorised as “Vulnerable” by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, again with between 200-300 breeding sows remaining. They were originally bred in the Midlands by crossing imported pigs such as the Red Barbadan or Axford,  Children can recognise a Tamworth pig on their day out at Odds Farm Park by their lovely red-gold colour, long snout and pricked ears.

Odds Farm Park is located just minutes from Junction 2 of the M40, and is easy to reach from all over Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, West London, North London and the South East . For more information, visitors should call 01628 520188 or visit www.oddsfarm.co.uk.