Meet the Donkeys



How rare are they?

Apart from Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys (of which we have at Odds Farm Park!), Donkeys are not rare and are vast in numbers.

Where does the Donkey come from?

Donkeys came to England with the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43. They were used for agriculture and the Romans also used donkeys in their new European vineyards, some as far north as France or Germany.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys originate from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Why have Donkeys at Odds Farm Park?

Donkeys have played such a role in history transporting goods and working on farms that children should definitely meet them on a day out at this children’s farm. With their long ears they are also incredibly cute.

At Odds Farm Park, there are Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys to meet as well.   Much smaller than normal Donkeys,  Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys grow to maximum height of 36″ (at the age of 3 years) but most are under this height, at between 30″ and 34″.