Lottie is now back from her holiday
Lottie is now back from her holiday

Odds Farm Park’s beautiful Eriskay Pony, Lottie, is now back at this Children’s Farm following her summer holiday.

Lottie was born at Odds Farm Park on 11 August 2003 and she loves meeting children on a family day out. Lottie’s coat is a beautiful dark bay with flecks of grey, which is unusual for Eriskays as once adult they are normally all grey. Always up for a pat, she is enjoying her return and meeting those on a day out with the kids.

Modern Eriskay Ponies are the last surviving remnants of the original native ponies of the Western Isles of Scotland. Had Lottie been around in the 19th century, she would have be working every day, undertaking tasks such as pulling carts, harrowing and even taking children to school.

Other Ponies at Odds Farm Park include Exmoor and Shetland Ponies, plus we have two Donkeys called Mary & Joseph.

Odds Farm Park is a great venue for family days out and is located within easy reach from North London, West London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. For more information to arrange a day out with the kids, visit the main childrens farm website, www.oddsfarm.co.uk