Hello!  I'm. very pretty
Hello! I'm. very pretty

The Jacob sheep at Odds Farm Park must have known better weather was around the corner for those on family days out, with all the mums suddenly giving birth last weekend. 

Over Saturday and Sunday two sets of twins and two single lambs were born, alongside even more births that happened earlier this week.


Jacob sheep are a very elegant looking breed and children on days out can recognise them by their curly horns and cuddly black/white coat.  The babies are usually on their feet within minutes of being born and can be seen jumping about within hours.

At this Kids Farm there are still plenty of lambs due to be born and, on a day out, children can help bottle feed the older lambs until the end of May.

Odds Farm Park provides an excellent family day out, easily reached from West London, London, Berkshire, North London, Buckinghamshire and Oxford. 

For more information and directions, visit the family days out website www.oddsfarm.co.uk