Playbarn Gallery
Playbarn Gallery

For the first time ever, Odds Farm Park is using renewable energy to heat their indoor Playbarn Gallery and children’s soft play area. Generously donated by Ice Energy, the new heating system releases stored solar energy held up to 85 metres beneath ground.



The ‘green’ heating is all made possible using Ground Source Heat Pumps and their 7 different sensors.  Through measuring temperatures at different points, it dynamically releases just the right amount of energy from below ground to warm the Playbarn Gallery and soft play area.

Said Odd Farm Park’s Neil Scott  “We are very grateful to Ice Energy for their support.  Our pipes go far deeper than usual Heat Pumps and I am amazed how warm and toasty the Playbarn Gallery is. Installation was quick, easy and feedback from visitors on a day out has been excellent!.”
How does it work?
Stage 1  Odds Farm Park have 2 pipes installed 85 metres underground that contain a water/glycol mix at a low temperature.  Below ground the surrounding soil is at a higher temperature, typically 12°C and gently warms the glycol mix as it is pumped around the ground loop.
Stage 2:  As the liquid leaves the ground, it is fed into a heat exchanger that takes the heat out of the liquid and returns the cooled liquid to the pipe for it’s next cycle.
Stage 3. The heat is moved into the compressor which increases the heat of the gas by reducing its volume.  Temperatures of between 75°C and 125°C are achievable through this process.
Stage 4. Feeding the hot gas through a condenser allows the gas to turn back into a liquid. As it condenses it cools and releases its heat through a heat exchanger, directly into the central heating system.
Stage 5: To release the pressure in the Condenser, an expansion valve is used.
Odds Farm Park provides a fantastic day out and is located just off the M40.  It is one of the closest farm parks for Berkshire, Oxfordshire, West London and Buckinghamshire.