Tamworth/Saddleback Piglet
Tamworth/Saddleback Piglet
Odds Farm Park’s Tamworth pig, Thistle, has just given birth to her first litter of piglets and all can be seen cuddling and nuzzling mum in the pig sty outside the Tea Room.

This is also the first litter for dad Fletch, a visiting Saddleback boar from Reading. With mum 100% pure Tamworth, the cross between mum and dad have made the piglets extra cute. All of them have the traditional Saddleback striped markings and a longer Tamworth snout. 

Said Clare, Livestock Manager at Odds Farm Park; “Thistle is doing a brilliant job at rearing her new babies.  You would never know she was a first time mum.”

Elsewhere at this children’s farm, youngsters can find out more about the Odds Farm Park pigs at Piggies Tea Time which is always a favourite activity for children.

Easily reached from London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, Odds Farm Park provides a great family day out. More activities for children can be found by visiting the farm
park’s Day Out website.