Outdoor Housing for the goats at Odds Farm
Outdoor Housing for the sheep at Odds Farm
Outdoor Housing for the pigs at Odds Farm
Outdoor Housing for the pigs at Odds Farm







Behind the scenes at Odds Farm Park, there’s so much not seen by those on a family day out. And currently the children’s farm Livestock Team are undertaking their least glamorous job of the year; spring cleaning all Odds Farm Park’s outside animal houses.

With 28 paddocks at this Kids Farm (the summer home for all the cute pigs, sheep, goats, cows and horses), this is a huge job.  And especially when you bear in mind every paddock you see on a day out has 1 wooden shelter; ranging from 8 smaller pigs arcs to the 20 larger shelters.

Family days out at Odds Farm Park is all about kids can get really close to the animals, either walking around the childrens farm or taking part in the Hands-On Animal Activities and Demonstrations.

Providing a great family day out, Odds Farm Park can be easily reached from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, North London and West London. For more information to arrange a day out with the kids, visit the family days out website, www.oddsfarm.co.uk